Infographic met checklist ontvangen om je (thuis)werkplek ergonomisch in te stellen?


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Quality registration

We work with certified occupational physicians, occupational physicians, occupational physiotherapists and registered ergonomists who are registered in a quality register.
Every 5 years there is a re-registration. In this way the continuity of quality is guaranteed. The remedial therapists and physiotherapists are authorised to carry out examinations and screening independently without the intervention of a doctor being indicated.

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Evidence-based practice

We use the best available information on efficiency and effectiveness for our services and base ourselves on it:

  • Information from the scientific field, usually in the form of peer-reviewed articles in professional journals
  • Experience and insight in the field of work & health, ergonomics, complaints and disorders & sustainable employability.
  • Information from the employee (coping and cognition).

Influencing behaviour

In our conversation we use motivational interviewing. This is a collaborative conversation style that strengthens a person’s own motivation and willingness to change by exploring and reducing ambivalence.

Intercollegial consultation

We have regular consultations with the aim of optimising our services and results. We share our knowledge, insight and skills in physical meetings and online.


We can be contacted directly, by phone or email, by all those involved in the execution of a service.

Satisfaction and impact studies

We evaluate whether our service has had the desired result and whether the customer is satisfied with our working method and approach.